Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Redshank in Belted Kilt

Redshank circa 1600

Above is archaeologist turned actor Dave Swift who runs the Claíobh historical group and has appeared in several historical productions with the BBC, RTÉ, and other productions.  Many of the Redshanks in both Ireland and Scotland were wearing the full belted kilt (feileadh Mór)  by the late 1500s.  The helmet type is a Morion and a design popular and available to Gaels at this time.  Usually they were imported from Germany or Spain.  The sword is the archetypical two handed Gaelic type called a Claíobh Mór.  The shirt of mail was still popular in 1600 and worn by those Gaels with the funding to afford one, they were quite expensive.

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