Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gaelic Lord and warrior circa 1000 AD (c) Ulster Heritage

Gaelic Lord and warrior circa 1000AD in Argyll.  Mid Argyll was the home of the Gall-Ghaeil, or the 'foreign Gaels,' in the early medieval period (850AD to 1150AD). These people were primarily Gaelic in ethnicity, but were very influenced by their exposure to the Norse.  They became Gaelic Vikings essentially. They adopted Norse technology in the accoutrements of war and shipbuilding.  The warrior caste society of Argyll founded by the Gall-Ghaeil gave rise to the Gallóglaigh and later the Redshanks. 

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  1. Hi.
    Thanks for all this amazing information. My name in Irish is Eanna Mac An Galloglaigh, and I have recently been researching my `roots` and all this information tallies up so well with other pieces of information that I already had.